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 About Eurodance

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PostSubject: About Eurodance   About Eurodance EmptyTue Oct 02, 2007 1:32 pm

What is Eurodance ?

Eurodance is a very global term, and depending on the websites you will visit each webmaster will have his own definition, including or excluding some musical trends. Definitions evolve with time, and confusions are easily made. As for me I chose to include the "classic" or "true" Eurodance projects (which are also my favourites), but also some projects which could be rather classified as "euro-NRG", "bubble gum" (Aqua, Daze, Hit'n Hide), "happy hardcore" (Scooter), "trance" (Sash, ATB, Antiloop), and "dream dance" (Robert Miles).

A "classic" Eurodance song could be described as a song containing a strong beat ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute (BPM), a creative and catchy synth melody, female vocals for an easy-to-remember chorus (or sometimes for the entire song), male rap or ragga-rap (sometimes male vocals too).

Eurodance is named from the fact that it is mainly produced in Europe : Italy, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands... Contrary to certain generally accepted ideas, there are hundreds of Eurodance projects, from the most popular ones (2 Unlimited, Cappella, Culture Beat, DJ Bobo, E-Rotic...) to the most anonymous (Ten Minutes, DIP, X-ite, See:3...). Eurodance's power is also its endless creativity.

To read more about Eurodance and its definitions, try these links :
Chou's definition of Eurodance
Eurodancehits - The Dance Dictionnary
DJ Remix - Eurodance... You think you can define it ?

Is Eurodance just a commercial music ?

This is the main criticism to Eurodance : the producers are cynical and mercantile, the female vocalists are just top-models unable to sing, the live appearances are just play-backs, the members of the projects are fired when they become too demanding or when they don't fit the criteria anymore... Think about a music that is not a part of a huge commercial system including the major disc companies, the radios and the CD-shops ? Moreover, who cares who sings as long as the singles released are awesome ? Eurodance projects are just as nice watch as they are to hear...

Is Eurodance just a music for dancing (or for fitness trainings) ?

No. You can also listen to Eurodance at home, in your walkman or in you car, wherever and whenever you want. This music is full of positive energy, it will keep you smiling all day long. You don't need to push it to high volume and wake up the neighbors to appreciate it.

What does Eurodance talk about ?

So many people will tell you that Eurodance lyrics are repetitive and empty. That is false. Like all the other musical trends, Eurodance talks mainly about love, of course, this theme is boundless. The second main theme is the joy of dancing, moving one's body to the rhythm of the beat. But lots of Eurodance songs also have some deeper meanings, they often carry messages of peace, tolerance and self-esteem, or they tell personal stories. Some projects are built around a specific topic such as the Roman empire (Imperio) or the antic Egypt (Pharao). So far I have never heard a Eurodance song promoting violence !

Is Eurodance dead ?

No of course, not ! There are still some projects such as E-Rotic in Germany, or the SAIFAM projects (Wienna, Morgana...) in Italy that keep on releasing some awesome "classic" Eurodance tracks. Eurodance will live as long as there are fans like you and me to appreciate it.
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About Eurodance
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