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 PEC Forum Rules

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PostSubject: PEC Forum Rules   PEC Forum Rules EmptyFri Feb 22, 2008 2:36 pm

These are the forum rules in case you didn't have enough time to read them while registering
- The forum Language is "English" no other Language is allowed in posts.

- Some topics are not to be discussed in our forum because of their sensetive nature .... Topics about "Politics" & "Religion" are prohibited on this forum.

- The use of bad words & insults is already being automatically censored & modified by the forum .... yet the real censor is ourselves .... if we love this forum we won't contaminate it by bad words.

- The first thing you should do when registering, is to make your profile look good. Please make sure that you have chosen the gender and also fill in your Location in your profile, please don't write the city or other things there. Just the country.

- Make sure you have chosen an avatar in the profile. The rules for the signature is that it has to be in the size 300x80pxls. You can do a signature on your own, or you can ask me to do you one through the topic assigned for that in the "Support & Troublshooting" forum.

- If you have come to this site only to download things, then you haven't come to the right place. This forum is about having discussions about the music that brought us together. It's a COMMUNITY, meaning that it's not a download program.

- Members who are active, and then disappear from the forum again, will lose their access. They can only get it back by showing interest in the forum, as said above.

- Please do not make posts without making a point. If there's something you just want to say, then please provide reasons for your statement. Posts containing a few words or smilies only will be deleted at random and you will be warned. If we find ourselves telling you numerous times then we will ban you for 30 days or a longer period according to each case. Not only are empty posts a waste of everyones time but they harm the flow of the forums and the quality of the discussions. You are harming the forums if you make empty posts.

- Before you post a topic, make sure you check that the topic doesn't already exist. Use the "Search" engine to prevent re-posts.

- If you have other questions about handeling the forum, please read the FAQ. If you still don't find a answer to your question, then you can post it in the "Support & Troubleshooting" forum.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.
"Creator & Admin of PEC"

PEC Forum Rules Divers30sigxx4qa5
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PEC Forum Rules
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