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 About Captain Hollywood Project

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PostSubject: About Captain Hollywood Project   About Captain Hollywood Project EmptyTue Oct 02, 2007 12:47 pm

About Captain Hollywood Project Artist_1370

Members : Attack II, Giora Schein, Nosie Katzmann, Tony Dawson-Harrison (Captain Hollywood), T. Jacques G. Coin
Producer : Cyborg .

This project was created in 1991 and build around the rapper Captain Hollywood. The name was a credit for his dancers and students in the videos. The first album Do That Thang was released in 1990 and was a big disaster, since Europe was not ready for hip hop style. 2 singles were released from it : Do That Thang and Shirley.

But in 1992 he released his first single from his forthcoming second album, More & More. A new style, Eurodance, and a new female vocalist : Nina. The success was great : it reached number 1 all over Europe, #5 in Israel, and entered the MTV chart number 3 in the european year single chart. It was followed by Only With You, another huge number 1 all over europe and #6 in Israel.

In 1993 the second album Love Is Not Sex sold 400 000 copies worldwide. The following single was All I Want, a pop-dance track that disappopinted some Euro fans. It did some well in the German charts and on MTV anyway. Released in 1994 with a totally new mix, Impossible was also a great hit which climbed high on Europe charts and reached #10 in Israel.

In May 1994, Rhythm Of Life was sent to many radio stations as a promo maxi. Among others, it included a remix of MK ( from the Nightcrawlers team). It was never officially released.

In 1995, after a year of silence, the third album Animals Or Humans was released. It sold 200 000 copies worldwide. Nina had gone for a solo carrer, being replaced by a new female vocalist named Petra. Tony established his own record company and studios called : 'Hollywood productions'. He teamed up with 2 new producers : Tom Jacques G. Coin (real name Thomas Keil) and Thorsten Adler, together with Attack II. Katzmann still produced 4 tracks on this album. Another contributor was Alex Belcher.

They scored another big hit with Flying High, n1 everywhere in Europe and #6 in Israel. After that came another beautiful, fast-paced euro track Find Another Way which the same kind of success. The third single from the album was The Way Love Is, a little weak and disappointing compared to the previous hits.

In the middle of 1996 Captain Hollywood came back. He changed his company from Blow Up to 'Mighty'. He teamed up with 3 new producers : P Force, Miles Gordon and Alex Belcher and changed his haircut too... But Petra was still part of the team.Over And Over, the first single to be released from the forthcoming new album, was a very successsful euro track. The fourth album was released during the summer, entitled The Afterparty. It was released under the simple name of Captain Hollywood, since it was created without his dancers. It also means he wanted to open a new chapter in his career.

Afterwards he released his 2nd single, Love & Pain, in a remixed version. The album version was in the same style of Over And Over, but for the single and video version he teamed up with Masterboy and the result was simply amazing. Unfortunately it flopped in sales and in charts. Then Captain Holywood decided to anticipate the new trends and he released a last single, The Afterparty, once again different from the album mix. The single version was produced by Bulent Aris, who was the producer of Fun Factory. But once again it flopped all over the world, except in some countries such as Israel.

In the whole, this last album had no real success. Only 300 copies were sold. This is little compared to the total of 5 millions of discs sold since the beginning of his carreer. The story of the Captain Hollywood Project can be considered as over since Captain Hollywood has now gone solo.
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About Captain Hollywood Project
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